zaterdag 20 september 2014

Student budget friendly vintage (repro) dresses

I'd like to recommend a great brand that makes amazing reproduction clothes which are actually affordable! (Well that counts if you are a poor student like me) The brand is called Hell Bunny and I'm a big fan of their dresses. I recently bought the forties 'June Dress' in raspberry red, you can see this one above. It goes in three colors and it's such a practical dress for day and evening time!

This green one is still one of my favorites because of the amazing shape. Your waste looks tiny and it's very flattering. Their dresses are around 30/ 40 euro's, I'd recommend taking a size smaller than your usual size.


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  1. hell bunny really has some nice dresses ... i just own one skirt, i like to wea r to the office...
    sadly i don't like the quality of the fabrics too much and i tried on some dresses with awry hemlines on the bottom of the skirt.
    maybe i should give it another try, the june dress is really lovely anf perfect for colder days.