zaterdag 21 juni 2014

Hair tutorial: Easy fifties hair with sponge rollers

I get a lot of questions about my hair, how do you do it? is it difficult,  does it take a lot of time? No, it's not difficult, it's actually quite easy, the only secret is a lot of hairspray. Anyway I decided to do a simple tutorial about my usual daily hairdo routine, mostly I use pin curls but I thought that this routine with sponge rollers is a little bit easier to begin with and very affective too! 

So what do you need to begin with: sponge rollers, a comb, hairspray and a scarf.

You put your hair in rollers, which is super easy and you can do it very fast.

What I like to do it put a scarf around it so it keeps in place. You can do this in the evening and sleep with them but you can also do this in the daytime. I usually keep them in for like 2/3 hours.

After that you take the rollers out and just comb your hair with a brush, don't be afraid that you will comb the curls out, they are very solid. To get a little bit of volume and a nice wave on the front I backcomb the front section in several parts.

When you did that you'll have massive volume.

Brush your hair gently so it will lower a bit.

Put your hand under the front section and comb your hair over your hand.

Adjust it a little with your comb and spray!

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