dinsdag 24 juni 2014

Outfit of the Day

Every girl needs a forties suit!
 This one is a reproduction from Collectif Clothing - shoes and handbag are vintage.

And a girl asked to take a photo of us at Episode Amsterdam 


zaterdag 21 juni 2014

Hair tutorial: Easy fifties hair with sponge rollers

I get a lot of questions about my hair, how do you do it? is it difficult,  does it take a lot of time? No, it's not difficult, it's actually quite easy, the only secret is a lot of hairspray. Anyway I decided to do a simple tutorial about my usual daily hairdo routine, mostly I use pin curls but I thought that this routine with sponge rollers is a little bit easier to begin with and very affective too! 

So what do you need to begin with: sponge rollers, a comb, hairspray and a scarf.

You put your hair in rollers, which is super easy and you can do it very fast.

What I like to do it put a scarf around it so it keeps in place. You can do this in the evening and sleep with them but you can also do this in the daytime. I usually keep them in for like 2/3 hours.

After that you take the rollers out and just comb your hair with a brush, don't be afraid that you will comb the curls out, they are very solid. To get a little bit of volume and a nice wave on the front I backcomb the front section in several parts.

When you did that you'll have massive volume.

Brush your hair gently so it will lower a bit.

Put your hand under the front section and comb your hair over your hand.

Adjust it a little with your comb and spray!

woensdag 18 juni 2014

Art favorites: Salvador Dalí

Since I'm studying history of art I do a lot of research about artists that were particular active in the twenties, thirties, forties and fifties. This so called historical avant-garde had a major influence on artists and writers nowadays. One of my favorite artists is the Spanish artist Salvador Dalí. He was a member of the Surrealist movement around André Breton in the twenties in Paris when the first 'Surrealist Manifesto' was written by Breton. Anyhow, Dalí was associated member of the group but he went on doing the things that he wanted himself. He was quite demanding. I love his sense of style and his personality. He's hilarious and very sure about the things he did. You can watch him at the famous fifties show 'What's my Line?' here
Dalí made some quite interesting paintings, but he also worked with Alfred Hitchcock. For the movie 'Spellbound' from 1945, starring Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck, he designed a dreamy scene which is very typical for his work. Please watch Spellbound a look if you haven't done yet!  

The dream scene in 'Spellbound'

Mister Alfred Hitchcock with one of Dalí's paintings

Gregory Peck, Ingrid Bergman and Dalí on the set of 'Spellbound'

With his muse and the love of his life, Gala

He even designed some pretty darn amazing jewelry 

Dalí also made a design for the 'Mae West room'. He wanted to decorate a room dedicated to the famous movie star Mae West in his own museum. You can actually see it in Catalonia, Spain.


dinsdag 10 juni 2014

zondag 8 juni 2014

Throwback: Holiday in the USA part 2

Day one: The statue of Liberty in New York City

My sister and I 

9-11 Memorial, very impressive and sad

We visited an amazing diner and they had this super great mini juke boxes <3

Route 66!

Time for some nature, off to the Bryce- and Grand Canyon

Bryce Canyon

Grand Canyon

Off to Vegas! Very, very exciting

One of the many hotels on the Las Vegas 'Strip'

Arrived in Los Angeles and we visited Hollywood, of course

Marilyn's hand- and footprints

Elvis in L.A. <3

vrijdag 6 juni 2014

Outfit of the Day

Excuse me for the terrible mirror photo but I just had to take a picture of my new skirt by Collectif Clothing. This skirt is absolutely perfect if you like your pencil skirts a little bit longer, for an authentic forties/fifties look.

Blouse - Vintage, Skirt - Collectif Clothing, Shoes - Flea market, Accessories - Vintage

donderdag 5 juni 2014

Good hair days

Good hair days are pretty rare, especially when your pin curls are being perky. But sometimes you're lucky, some of my 'good' hair days from the last weeks through instagram

zondag 1 juni 2014

Outfit of the Day

For some reason it's super difficult to get a good and normal, non-awkward photo of this amazing dress by Pinup Couture, one of my best buys ever.